whitehouse common school moodle homework

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Whitehouse common school moodle homework

Whats he doing in History at school? My kid is a kid and loves being a kid. But I invite you to chat to him about the Goths and the Vikings I guarantee you, he will tell you things you never knew about them. And he never learned any of that from school! Zoo Tycoon has taught him more about habitats than his science lessons at school will for the next 4 years I know the curriculum.

I think your statement " There's a reason why kids are becoming exccessively overweight, bad eyesight, slower learning ability, etc all due to web and technology not to mention not-so-inspiring teacher role-models in the class room" is completely and utterly misguided and without foundation. I think you will find there other things to blame in society for children being over weight like parents not saying 'no' to their kids when they want sweets, or kids eating far too much in the first place , than 'the web'.

With respect, that's just an absolutely ridiculous thing to say. Where's your evidence for that? Its as wrong as the Daily Mirror was when its headline after the dreadful bombings in Madrid , was Massacred by Mobiles.

Such an approach smacks of fear. Fear of technology and of other people knowing more about technology than we ourselves do. It makes no sense whatsoever. Oh, but from what I can decipher, I think it is an insult to teachers all over. Surely you are not suggesting that teachers like me or Darren to whom you were replying , passionate about Moodle and using it with students as I am, am an 'unhealthy teacher'? If you are saying this then, with respect, you have not got a clue what you are talking about.

And Id like to know how YOU are using Moodle, because for you to be able to say " anyone who believes moddle will improve their childs learning or make them smarter, well i have some land on the moon i want to sell them" then you simply cannot be making the most of a resource that will, yes it WILL and other VLEs, dont get me wrong , revolutionise teaching and learning in schools. And it is seldom I ever say that to anybody. But you are. Oh and its ironic that you should say: when moddle coffee mugs, t-shirts, undies become more important than the educational message to young kids, the purpose becomes lost because one of your posts a week or so ago said was just thinking how hot it would be to see a woman wearing a Moodle thong!

I deliberated as to whether I should post a response to comments in this thread. Others have eloquently responded and I dont want to start a dog pile thanks Bugs Bunny and Warner Brothers which will serve to do nothing but to take up bandwidth. I often believe we legitimize such rants when we respond to them. On the other hand, I am trying to be more assertive. I always find it fascinating when some cries you take my word out of context, especially when the clear intent of those words were to provoke a reaction.

Clearly warmac, if you are still bothering to hang around, your words were meant to provoke a reaction. Another interesting observation: requiring us to read between the lines. Why do we have to guess your intent, meaning or purpose? Are you communicating to us in code?

Or perhaps you wish to purposefully confuse the real reason you write? That way when someone calls you on your intent you can claim they are selecting your parts of your text and twisting it out of context. You certainly have the right to express alarm at the rising obesity rates of Americas children, or that fact that many areas of Americas educational system are broken, or how technology can widen the gap between the haves and have nots or how technology can contribute to personal isolation.

These are real problems that need to be addressed. But you should do so in a more productive manner, utilizing proper sentence structure. PS Dont bother to respond warmac. I posted this for myself and to support the Moodle community. I do not always agree with everything that is posted here, but I have never felt the need to be nasty. And you simply cannot say what you said previously and then say you werent being serious.

You cannot make a credible argument by 'cutting and running' like that! A good argument should not require me to 'read between the lines'. Where did I say that all of what you describe is perfect? I think you are putting words in my mouth there. Je ne comprends. My son is not being taught by technology and I certainly did not say he was, or that the kids I teach are. He is using technology to have learning experiences which he then uses books and other means to find out more about.

My son has learned more than I ever did at the age he is, about History, about collaboration with others, about Economy. Not because he was taught by technology, but because the opportunities he now has, enables him to experience scenarios and decision making etc. A good teacher or parent and I humbly profess I have a good stab at both of those categories! No different to reading a text book, but far far more engaging.

I really suggest you read the work of Marc Prensky he describes todays generation of children as being twitchspeed whereby they live life at mph and schools give them the equivalent of depressants when schools teach them.

Largely cos the curriculum dictates it to be so. What useless knowledge do you refer to here? Sounds to me like you have a chip on your shoulder about your OWN educational experiences. Strong view? I've always found interesting in alot of children who end up criminials [sic], the parents always said as they were growing up, my child is the smartest and he's learning so much, he's a great kid, always does good in school, etc doing good how?

I would ask. Can technology teach a child to be more respectful? And as my post title said. I could not let it pass. I am too passionate that what you said is so so wrong. Because it is. Well, even an obvious troll gets to have an opinion.

I guess. I think I have learned something about the meaning of the term connected learning in this thread. I think I am starting to get it. Great idea to have Moodle affiliate schools worldwide to share ideas, resources etc. Just imagine: teachers from all over the world are like one team. We'd like to be part of it. I hope we can discuss ideas in Oxford.

I think if we can get a stand - wherever it is - then having it at BETT would be very productive and worthwhile. It would be very very simple - nothing to set up other than a PC and projector - the impression I get is that with a little guerilla advertising around the halls on the days we'd be pleasantly surprised by the interest.

I'm not sure about a 'generic' OSS stand as it might get quite confusing Bring this flyer to stand A or wherever and your school can have a free online learning environment for as long as it wants. She said there's no rate for non-profits or OSS-type organisations or groups of individuals - the only discount is through becoming a member of BESA , so no go there then! She said that the smallest stands they current have are 1.

She is sending me the latest information for prospective exhibitors by email, I'll post it here if I can I was going to pursue the encourage diversity and innovation - give a concessionary rate for nonprofit or OSS line but decided that at this point on a Friday it wasn't a good idea - or maybe it was! I don't think 'position' in the halls is as important as 'awareness' that you are actually there People who know what they're looking for do read their programmes and layout maps closely and often come with a tick list of "things I must see today" Naace and other organisations would be useful toward that end imho.

If we can generate enough interest and I have more than a few slightly naughty but nice ideas about publicity stunts involving other vendors, but more later and not here! I was doing Breeze videoconferencing? Only option is to find some Moodle friendly people close to where we are, use their wireless everything was encrypted this year but the year before it was FreeWireless City, Arizona which was good news.

What about if I ask the good people at TEEM as they get a great stand and their place is paid for by someone like Emap, if I remember correctly? Or one other possibility is to see if we could piggyback with the Mirandanet stand as they had a large area last year and they may like the added interest that a MOODLE section would generate. Given I'm a Scholar of Mirandanet, this could be a possibility which I'll investigate and the other thing is that their stand is large and not 'tucked away' - it is in a corner on one of the upper balconies, as is TEEM's.

I'll see what I can find out and report back. That is unless anyone feels it would need to be a stand in its own right. But at least I could see if they could get us a favourable rate. I would be interested in doing some sort of sponsored event in the coming term to raise monies for at least one square metre. Or perhaps my school might be prepared to pay for same in return for having their flyers distributed at the stand instead of seeking sponsorship by a company.

Also, if SMUG or whatever was set up, perhaps a nominal subscription fee could be utilised in this way. I have a few ideas for the MoodleMoot if Sean'd allow us. An auction or raffle , in the evening, the proceeds of which could be set aside for the BETT show.

I know its short notice but I'm sure I could get some items that could be used to this end. Anyway, I am determined, by hook or by crook, that a personal goal of mine will be to raise enough money for at least one square metre. Anyone care to join me? Might just be fifty quid then I have been interested in this idea and have tentatively followed this up via my membership of NAACE. Skip to main content.

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Anyway: a have I done wrong in nominating Moodle? Average of ratings: -. I'd like to propose that Drew spearhead the application, as I fear Martin may have other things on his plate, but that those of us using Moodle in UK schools get together on a wiki to help Drew with the paper work. If Martin, or the community, would rather we didn't go for this please say! There's likely to be less competition in the e-assessment category, but secondary software is more likely to encompass the whole Moodle experience.

It can be in both categories, but that nearly doubles the paperwork. Can one of the UK hosting partners set up a demo Moodle perhaps, which they can have a play-around in? Anyone know what the possibilities are here? We have a little longer to put together the rest of the 'Online Product Portfolio', which will, amongst other things, ask for details of three sites where Moodle's in use.

Just a quick response but sounds great. Both demo. I would be honored to volunteer my school site but if we get more than 3 then somebody important should have a look around and shortlist the options. Hi Darren, Splendid. Reading through the docs, it seems we're allowed to submit between 3 and 5 inclusive reference sites.

Would you be able to host a demo moodle for the technical team at e-subjects. The pressing and immediate list has suddenly got a whole lot longer now I've had sight of the technical requirements. I'll email you my first reactions to these for your input. As time is short I can set up a wiki in course there and move it if needed Looking through the technical specs would the Learning platforms category not be more suited.

It specifically mentions VLE's in there. I noticed your email arrived to will look at that now. We can easily pull out of one or other category, and it may be best to concentrate on one or the other. Having skimmed both sets of criteria, my own feeling is that we have a closer match with the secondary software one. The technical requirement s list presents quite a set of hoops through which to jump! I'm up for helping out with this in any way I can too.

Does a whole site have to be available to view I'm thinking of privacy etc for certain users and courses but maybe we could 'exhibit' certain aspects of the sites we are involved in? Cheers, Val. Splendid, Val. They need a demo site which they can play around with which I hope Darren can host , and then a few reference sites to contact about whether Moodle does what we say it does. My reading is that if they need access to these, they'll physically visit the institution concerned. For the demo site should I set up a blank one or one with content - or both?

I think it needs to be blank, as it would be from a clean install. It also needs to be a full implementation in its own right, rather than merely a course on an existing Moodle, if you see what I mean. They'll need to work through the instructions whichever ones we include Later on if we get over the technical hurdle , they'll want to look at implementations with content.

If we include content at this stage then that content becomes part of the product, and I think getting a Moodle with all the content you could ever need ready for shipping on Tuesday might be a bit optimistic I see. Makes sense. I'll download the latest 1. If moodle does not get all the way through the process due the time restrictions I think this would be a good exercise for next year anyway. The thought of waiting until next year and doing the whole thing properly had crossed my mind.

I don't think we have anything to loose by having a stab at it this year, in order to gain experience for next time round, as you suggest. And, of course, the product does rather speak for itself! Yep - but really it is possible to get it together in the next 4 days as the time before the next step after that is emminently do-able, IMHO. Miles - can we set up a time to discuss this via Skype in the next day or so? My 'handle' is Wellfan Motherwell fan, happy because of draw with the not-so mighty Celtic this afternoon!!!

If it's any help too, I have a couple of examples with screenshots of courses we have similar to those Miles attached recently that I made as appendices for my assignment which thankfully I posted last Wednesday! Just realised though that they are on version 1. This may help us with efficiency. Actually noticed Val and Miles are already there. OK, I've gone through the technical requirements and written a commentary for the judges. I've also tried to work out a list of the stuff still to do.

I wonder if anyone in the wider community can help with: The technical specification - "Products must include a technical specification detailing information about standards supported and any products that relate to your entry. I've started these as discussions in what I hope are at least vaguely appropriate forums. Drew, fantastic idea! Darren, great hosting! Miles, excellent commentary! I'm happy to help with the technical specification, including accessibility issues.

Miles have you seen this thread? Drew, I have a copy of this - I downloaded it when it was still available. Let me know if you want it - I guess we just have to get Jason's permission to use it? Even if it were possible to include the draft digital versions that would help, though the book does only currently address pre-v.

If you need any more example secondary school sites you are very welcome to include www. Mandy, thanks for your offer - it could well be that we use your site - especially if it features the e-assessment as much as you indicate as this is the category we are entering it for in the end. Can you email me privately with address and contact details that can go on the official form please? Thanks everyone for working on this, and sorry I've been so absent in the discussion so far.

I remember starting the application process for this last year and I got bogged down and never did it. I'm happy for the people in this thread to represent Moodle as far as Bett is concerned - I will probably continue being absent still catching up with backlog plus opening Moodle HQ soon but let me know directly via messaging if there's something you really need my imprimatur on! Glad we are doing this with your approval Martin. I can think of no other package that is having such a revolutionary impact on education in this country and therefore it is well deserving of any accolade that is going.

That appears to be since 1. The waybackmachine may provide some clues. This is moodle. Yes Darren, I someone can supply me with just a bullet pointed list of the features, I can incorporate these into my application. So much has changed since then Other thoughts? I thought of blocks and messaging but it would be nice if we could find something with more direct roots in learning in terms of making it appear less trivial.

We all know these things are not trivial but to somebody who is not aware of the system they might. How about the introduction of a modular assignment activity to allow various different assessment methods inline, upload as well as third part additions feedback files Ahhh. Of course. The introduction of hot potato integration is a must Also, what about the incorporation of a wiki for collaborative learning?

Any quiz experts reading know of any pedagogical sound-bite worthy additions. Thank you all. I've tralled through each of the release notes between 1. Rating: Perfect answer! What a list! I'll keep you all posted on our progress as I find out more. Thanks to you from the moodle community for all of your hard work and leadership on this. Looking at some of the criteria I can see a new category would be better but I would not like to see it entered in an Open Source category. I would much rather see moodle beat off commercial alternatives Great news about the enthusiasm regarding the application.

Regarding a BECTA contact not knowing about wikis and the like - a TV crew for BECTA were in our school last week and when I mentioned moodle the guy new exactly what I was talking about so there is hope - increasingly so after all of your hard work over the last few days. The force will be with you David - thanks for your input And your other words of wisdom. I agree with you about "Web Application" category. So onto Phase Two.

I also know a lot of senior folk in the Education side at MM are keen on Moodle too I've also had a conversation with a guy who used to run the Teacher Resources Exchange from Becta - he came up to me at an ICT and Creativity conference we ran here in Bucks and asked me to tell him about what we were doing with Moodle. My vision is to have something which: is recognised by Becta as being a starting point for schools wishing to find out about using Moodle has some sort of 'official' Moodle.

I said that ideally I'd like to have Becta 'approve' or even 'badge' what such a group might do and the guy from Becta intimated that this might be possible, so I'm currently in the middle of an email to him which I think I'm gonna run by Drew if and when we meet up next week to cobble our Moot presentation together so here's a request: anyone interested in drawing up the spec for this sort of group?

I had a thought that we could set a time - say 2 days in half term in October - for interested parties to meet. I could book some rooms and accommodation at the school here as there is no 'trade' then. Cost would be minimal - as our boarding facilities are not en suite yet! I would be prepared to administer this - perhaps we could promote it at the MoodleMoot I could do some flyers.

It could be a nice starting point. Please do. There will be a table in the exhibition room for flyers like that. Or you could hand them out during coffee breaks and so on. Sean K Beardie. Although Martin didn't go for it he did set up the K forum here as a results a few days ago section 3. Send a moodle message to Jason and I'm sure he will let you have a look at his ideas. It's a difficult situation as nobody wants to take traffic away from moodle. Cheers Darren for the mention and well done everyone for such an amazing team effort during the BETT award process.

The timing of comments in this thread are simply amazing. The two lines of comments to which I particularly refer are: 1. Creating a space for K School collaboration and support It was only a few weeks ago that Darren and I finalised our proposal to create a new group of collaborative K Schools for the purpose of supporting future Moodle development. We tossed ideas back and forward, between Australia and England, and eventually the proposal found it's way to Martin who spoke to me about it f2f when we met at the Aussie Moodle Moot.

I walked away from that discussion encouraged - firstly that my initial feeling that Moodle was in good hands was confirmed by the character I witnessed in Martin as he discussed openly with moot delegates and shared his vision for Moodle's future. I witnessed a commited and upstanding individual. Secondly, that a Moodle HQ, also mentioned by Martin in this thread, is being set-up with full-time staff with delegated responsibilities to cope with Moodle growth and the future.

Very exciting I believe we are standing at the edge of a very well-nourished crop of wheat - in the form of schools around the world crying out for simple yet effective digital solutions to enhance learning. As I mentioned in the new K Forum, schools like mine that have been blessed with resources and staff and know-how should share with others.

If for no other reason than to expand menaingful education and ultimately our own effectiveness as educators. But on top of this cogent reason there is the concept that Moodle is something to be shared in the true spirit of this community. The goals of the group could be: 1. Constantly brainstorming, prototyping and prioritising school-useful features for Moodle 2.

Organising a collaborative funding approach to ensure programming process can happen - perhaps a tendering process where schools keen on a feature make budget-specific commitments 3. Is there enough groundswell and interest? Cheers, Jason. I think there are at least two distinct characteristics of such a group for the UK anyway which would need to be maintained for it to work Hi Ian, Thanks for your throughly thought out ideas.

Before running off to my son's football known around here as soccer match I would like to throw in my two cents worth: - firstly, still catching up with all the jargon - have learnt that BECTA is "the [Britain] Government's key partner in the strategic development and delivery of its information and communications technology ICT and e-learning strategy for the schools and the learning and skills sectors. Is there any way that time at the Oxford moot could be set aside for discussion and include voice-chat using skype or even video chat via vskype or ichat Apple to broaden the input and start with a global approach right from the word go?

I guess if it has to be done ] Actually, on a serious note we could use vSkype, or I have a shedload of Macromedia Breeze capacity that we could use I get the impression UK terminology uses ages? Perhaps there is a better name for the new forum? Any suggestions? So that's what it stands for!

In the UK we now use a year system like you. Kids start compulsory education at at year 1 obviously! At the end of year 11 they will be 16 years old. A lot of students stay on in schools which have a sixth form year 12 and a year 13 so they will be 18 when they leave. Should the forum be called K? K12 means more to us than K13 as we are used to 'translating' from american.

That said, you have to be in the know to translate in the first place. We call years primary schools, years secondary schools and schools with sixth forms 12 - 13 are called Just to confuse things more we have some not many at all middle schools which are years 7 - 9. They drift in and out of fashion. When you say 'this group' we are actually in the social forum and this thread seems to have taken over. If you look at the using moodle course in section 3 you will see where this conversation should be!

Just got a really weird email. See if you can make sense of it I'm getting a bit too big for my diapers now, I'm getting interested in other things oooh, there's something with SMUG written on it over there and at this rate I'll be drawing on the walls with magic markers and barfing on the social forum's carpet soon, so please take me home!

Hear hear, Jutti. I couldn't agree more. Referring to age groups would also allow my wife and others of her generation and older not directly associated with education to take part. Often conversation around the table contains comments like "Year 8; remind, me is that second year or third year? I daren't mention Key Stages. While I'm on the topic, I'm going to put my hand in the air and say that I only just looked up k in wikipedia. To my surprise it represents quote Primary education and secondary education together referred to as " K " education in Canada and the United States.

Or Ages under 19 - or a variant thereof. I give up for the moment. I like the ages idea. Are we considering really small kids? Darren said: " Are we considering really small kids? Enjoy every drop mate, you deserve it It would be interesting to find out at what age kids can use moodle in it's current state and if themes could be produced to help students that can't read. My son, the dark jedi, is three and a bit and can just about navigate the cbeebies website through memory.

By the time we get them in secondary they are more than capable of using it. Dale said: " Enjoy every drop mate, you deserve it " "It would be interesting to find out at what age kids can use moodle in it's current state and if themes could be produced to help students that can't read. Couldn't agree more Drew - I saw two Year 3 children recently lying on the floor in front of their laptops which were lined up next to each other, and when I asked what they were doing, they just looked at me as if to say ' don't you know?

Hmmmmmm - would many teachers know how to do that, do you think? Sorry Darren. Especially when you said such a nice thing about me. I promote to not expose kids to technology at too early of an age, let them be a kid. There's a reason why kids are becoming exccessively overweight, bad eyesight, slower learning ability, etc all due to web and technology not to mention not-so-inspiring teacher role-models in the class room.

It cannot go unanswered, even if a joke. I was going to add some of my thoughts in response to the post but I don't think I would ever be able to nail it with as much passion as you just have. When my son goes to school I hope, no I beg, that he has at least 1 teacher throughout his whole time in education with as much passion and caring as you clearly have. Only one thing left to do Bless you Darren.

Drew, You made my day. Thanks for that! Most teachers deny that they are not responsible for the child, thats the parents job well thats one way to look at it of course. Some may disagree, of course and its ok to see it from any view as long as its the correct one its not multiple choice teachers in todays schools don't teach they rely on books, internet, technology to cram uselesss knowledge into the minds of children.

I've always found interesting in alot of children who end up criminials, the parents always said as they were growing up, my child is the smartest and he's learning so much, he's a great kid, always does good in school, etc doing good how? You're being taught right now by technology, but that doesn't mean people are not involved real people are trying to talk with you. Good teaching needs teachers, online or not, and this point of view is fundamental to what Moodle is about.

Yep, a troll if I say. Chardelle and I noticed this one wandering about in the Business Uses course a couple weeks ago. Just on a wild guess, I'd say we have a troll who was unwillingly booted from their graduate program in education or something, and is now out to express their biterness over the whole experience. Ralph PS Dont bother to respond warmac. Again I logged on to respond to Womac's post and again somebody has done a far better job than I ever would have Ralph, your response is sharply accurate.

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Custom school essay editor site I hope we can discuss ideas in Oxford. In the meantime I am going to try to round up some items for a Raffle or Auction again if Sean allows us to do so or via Ebay if it comes to that. Read that again, then come to stand A Thank you for your reply. We have a little longer to put together the rest of the 'Online Product Portfolio', which will, amongst other things, ask for details of three sites where Moodle's in use. With notes for teachers. I deliberated as to whether I should post a response to comments in this thread.
Best mba report examples As far as funding it goes, well I'd be prepared to stump up some cash and I daresay that partners might be able to help out. When you get into the constructional aspects of Moodle eg forums, dialogues, journals - you're into a new dimension of learning to learn. Best course work writer service ca you should do so in a more productive manner, utilizing proper sentence structure. I do not always agree with everything that is posted here, but I have never felt the need to be nasty. I'll download the latest 1. I used to find it whitehouse common school moodle homework that Yahoo used that for its way of categorising schools as opposed to post 18 education.
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Reception and Year 1 - a copy of the assembly and the highlights video will be shared on Dojo today. Well done to everyone for contributing to House Point totals, and participating so well in Sports Day. Your teachers are extremely proud of you. Looking forward to a fantastic year of sport and activity from September! Please [ click here ] for the newsletter. Pupils in Years 3 and 5 have recently had some of their Spanish work published in an online compilation called Write Away.

This termly e-zine contains writing done by pupils at UK schools in languages other than English. Each edition has a guest language - in this edition, Romanian - and features only the best work that exemplifies good primary language learning. Competition to be included is fierce and submitting work is no guarantee that your work will be published.

You can see an online interactive version of the magazine here or download a PDF to download and read or keep for posterity! The next issue will be published just before the end of term so we have a month to produce some more excellent work to submit and who knows? So here's a challenge that can be done in any language or languages! What's more, it's a quick and easy challenge that gets you outdoors appreciating the beauty of our world so perfect for a sunny half term and going forward into early summer!

Every year in June, The Wildlife Trusts run the 30 Days Wild challenge — a challenge to do an activity linked to nature, every day, for the whole month, and Multilingualism in Schools decided, in conjunction with their local Wildlife Trust in Sheffield, that they would like to create a language based challenge aimed both at those learning a language at school and those who are growing up multilingual. Each day of June there is a simple challenge linking languages and the natural world that can be completed by children and adults!

They include finding the names for flowers in other languages, counting hops, litter picking and eating outside. Some can even be linked to our topics likes and dislikes, weather and colours You choose the language that you want to explore. It could be Spanish, it could be a language you speak at home, it could be a language you've always wanted to learn, or a different language each day.

No need for a log in - just click on the page and post your pictures and comments. Posts will be moderated so may not appear immediately. The first challenge is to do with clouds! Which might be a problem as there are currently no clouds As we are enjoying a well earned rest from learning - online and in person - it's good to spend a moment reflecting on what we've been learning in Spanish this half term.

Year 4 have been talkiing about food and can now tell you that they are hungry or thirsty, and that they would like to eat or drink a selection of food and drink, as well as asking you if you're hungry, and reporting on someone else's needs! Year 3 have been getting to grips with nouns in Spanish, learning that they are split into two groups in Spanish called masculine and feminine, and that there is a differnet word for the indefinite article 'a' depending on which group the noun belongs to.

They used this new knowledge to write some minibooks of things that they could see. Year 5 have come to the end of a unit on descriptions and have well and truly grappled with Spanish nouns and adjectives which behave very differently to the way they do in English.

The lesson series concluded with the design and description of some very odd hybrid animals! Year 6 have started their final unit of KS2 which will ultimately bring together all their previous learning but starts out thinking about languages. Year 6 can tell you what languages they can and can't speak, and also which countries speak certain languages. They have been listening to a song that Rida shared with us at the bottom of the post and also responding to a story La Sorpresa de Handa [Y1 looked at this story before half term too!

Next term we're hoping to all in school learning together and looking forward to learning about our families, sports we like and more food! Our Greek partners in Elefsina have sent us a message and a video! Our 2nd grade students got really engaged in the plot and were attracted by its echomimetic language.

Here is a video where they "retell" the story through their drawings! They also thought about how THEY would like the story to end. Some lovely ideas - they thought that the bear probably just wanted to play with them! Our Austrian partners have been joining in with a worldwide dance craze. They sent us this message:. Our school has taken part in the Jerusalema Dance Challenge!